INVISIBLE LOVERS / Poem by Teresinka Pereira – President IWA

Poem by Teresinka Pereira
President IWA
Stone, stone, mud and stone,
kisses without lips,
crying in astonishment
at a thousand psalms
floating in the air
from my eyes to the horizon.
I think and I sing in still water,
without real thrills, wrapped up
in the veil of
the illuminated sky.
They arrive at my hands,
these unknown shadows,
dreamlike forms,
irresistible attempts
of lost lovers,
new torments in old messages
that my voice goes on repeating
nonotonously, every evening.
Enough of entangled rustles,
of hopes at a distance,
of sunsets never reached before
by the white swallow’s wings.
Enough of tears, of promises,
of powerful cosmos
and radiant stars.
Enough of immolations,
of limits, of subtile sights,
of invisible lovers.

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