Poems by Lily Swarn

Poems by Lily Swarn
See ,if you are born somewhere close to the Himalayas in India
Here I mean in the sprawling plains of the North
You are bound to have gobbled down a fairly crazy number of “Paraanthhas”
Made of whole wheat or refined flour depending on which state you live in
Round , four cornered like miniature squares
Triangles rolled to perfection by folk song crooning grandmas or mamas
Smeared with clarified butter
Rolled and re rolled with layers of milk fat
Made on griddles turned upside down
With halwa in Nauchandi Mela
With kebabs in Lucknow
Or baked in mud ovens the tandoori versions !
Lachhedaar slices of heaven
Stuffed till they burst their voluptuous sides
Potato, cauliflower , radish , lentils , cheese ,sugar crystals , onion
Fenugreek or spinach
Crunched up into” choori”
With a lump of jaggery or unrefined brown sugar after a meal
Or simply your maternal love laced carrom seeds and salt sprinkled
Mushy with the nostalgia from tiffin boxes in school lunch break
Or on a lethargic Sunday
Accompanied by home made mango pickle
Dipped in rich creamy clay pot prepared yoghurt
A sliced mango on the side
Hypnotically offering itself to be devoured
Paraanthhas for the turbaned gent with dollops of white butter oozing love
Or the top of the milk cream “malai “
Doused in cholesterol laden joy
Chocolate stuffed ones for the fusion crazed youth
Desi fundamental comfort food jazzed up with the west
Eat them anyway , they helped you grow
Remember ?
Copyright Lily Swarn 22.6.2017
It wasn’t a normal rainy day in
The Pre monsoon season
It wasn’t humid and the earth
Was not bubbling in a chocolaty
Cauldron full of wrath
Instead it was perfume laden
With heady whiffs of jasmine
Rainbow bedecked and sprayed
With droplets of crystal prisms
Tiaras of Chameli knocking off
The senses of the holy and wise
Paper boats cropped up
out of nowhere
Squelching shoes ran rampant
On squeaky clean floors
Mud splattered sarees sensuous
Wet clinging tresses covering
Heaving delirious bosoms
Yearning for you took on
A fog cloaked whimsical hue
A vermillion dot that lost its trail
Nose pins askew
Lips chewed till they bled
Horrendous red streaks of
Bloody shrieks
Copyright Lily Swarn 22.6.2016

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