Poems by Nancy Ndeke

Poems by Nancy Ndeke


To be, won over or worn out or wan with it all

What surrounds us rubs off on us unknowingly or not

Which we keep rolling round the brain in denial or acceptance shows in flash lights of Care-less words

The cave indwelling the mind is deep and often darkly antagonistic if not out right spooky,

Heaven and hell have quarters that daily do batter trade in do’s and don’ts so help us Saints

Words flying out in streams of hope or despair didn’t hatch over night

Actions extreme in fair and foul don’t just happen

Insanity has done great debate within with reason and logic so whatever you hear or see out there,

Is a final draft of what the pool did approved,

The rest is the field of interpretation for paid science to determine which side the extreme favors

As the terrain of earth gives it’s uniquely beautiful and amazing spectacle upon each season,

So is the reason and season of the mind observed through slips of the tongue

Perhaps in poetry.



Ache has sharp ears and sharp tunes,
Worse when the moon is at play,
Detailed verbosity,
Heightened curiosity,
Allowing for missed opportunity’s and made fortunes to compare notes, 
Pain is the proof of life
And hope for review,
Past the hour when decent eyes close
Fugitives and vagabonds of a certain leaning
Are in communion with lines and rhymes
To ease the stiffness of knowing
And allow if the universe does allow
A little wink before owls retire
With the birth of an old sun
And a new day.



Catch a raindrop and study it’s chemistry
It may have the prophecy of the days mystery.

Catch a cloud and breath it’s scent
It may tell the whispers of held promises.

Catch some sleep and dream awake
It may reveal the path of flight into the Dark sky.

Catch a smile and keep it cool
It may delay melancholy with its sad feel.

Catch a prayer and let it speak
It may touch the deity’s ear and bear fruit.

Catch a tune and hum it loud
It may birth renewed joy in the season.

For life is a journey replete with much missed and much gained
Less in more as mirage presentations to a thirsting soul.
It’s your interpretation.

Nancy Ndeke.
@ June 2019


One thought on “Poems by Nancy Ndeke

  1. Nancy Ndke
    I am so inspired every time I read a verse you pen..
    because I mind, heart and soul leaves more enriched.
    Your writing is so fluid and I recall reading in your last interview..that you were published
    Yet, you have more write more than you
    Your writing is like the fresh water that flows from the mountains high as the
    Snow melts into streams, to bubbling brooks as they follow their course to the river and flow to empty into the everlasting Sea..making swells and waves eternally that carries many treasures with its undercurrents to many other shores.
    Best wishes always!
    Lucille A LaRoche


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