DOWN WITH PHILOSOPHY (In satiric vein) / Poem by Dr. Jernail S. Aanand

Poem by Dr. Jernail S.  Aanand


(In satiric vein)

There are two aspects of life:
Living it
And Thinking about it.

What life is, how it is
How it should be —
All questions come to life
When stomach is full.

Body is more urgent for man,
Than philosophy,
Although it is philosophy that finally
Determines what he gets and what he does not.

If body, or its very existence,
Become the ultimate question,
All arts and all sciences are
Subordinated to that prime necessity.

They are worried about clean water,
Clear air, and a square meal.
When life is so difficult,
Who borthers how they feel?

They know, after currency,
Their body is their ultimate treasure,
Hunt it down,
Is the dictum of the Buyer.

Jobs jobs jobs.
Have one or not, either way,
Your are bound for damnation.
At least when it comes to suffering,
It makes no discrimination.

Lesbians, gays, third genders
And transgenders,
Are items on the conveyor belt
In the industry of corporate offenders.

Poetry and Philosophy
Who can tell?
An idea has value
Only if it can sell.

Superminds, supermarkets, supermodels,
Supergurus, super delusions,
Keep me busy
In transcendental illusions.

It is a continent of insanity,
People going berserk in greed.
Animals live, only to feed.
Are men any different breed?

Eating and consumption
Are trademarks of success.
Gone are the Prophets
Who wasted their breath.

Living is only an illusion.
For the human clan;
Feeding ourselves
Is the primary mission of man.

Good bye to higher thought.
Holy grail? Who has sought?
Eliot, Donne, and Shakespeare,
Oh..bibliophilic debris!! best left to rot.

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