Zdravka Babic was born on the 9th of DECEMBER in 1968 in Bileća . She likes the summer,the sun, the nature, the flowers and of course people with a good soul. She loves to share a blessing feelings.She does everything from the buttom of her heart. She believes in the magaic of poetry ,she believes in the opsession skills which gets along with her soul.
She has published three books until now : Razglednice iz bilece
Mjesec je vajao ženu
On me voli cirilicom
She has beeen declared as a senator of world union of poets in Italy.
l saw you trembling
when yo have touched
the falling star,
a running tear on my palm
that makes the sea darker.
Close your eyes!
That splinder in the grass
will burn your soul.
Kiss the scar in my eyes gently!
the flavour on your lips
will write
An aria….
What lies behind the flas of lighting
as we look at the bank of trebisnjica
and the waves of its magic dust?
This spark,
in our eyes,
burned my hands and it shed a long valley leander
so my thoughts hardly breathe.
Our words wrapped in scilence
and our sun stopped to breathe.
We were born in the crucifixion of our verses
By dancing the touch of our souls ,
we spread dreamy hills
We closed the forbidden emotions with
a dead scream
WE died in tve valley of rosemary,
from the loving ocean ,
Only stayes the dedication to the sunken cloud .
I am asking the sinking stars why I have brougt you the wind..
Do they want to keep my eyes
wide in the eye of your heavenly memory…
Where has you sun travelled,
so you keep your loving sights in the swan’s chest ,
Do not cry my angel!
There are countless reasons to hug your eyes without a face,
In the shadow of innocent contact with your eyes …
In the shadow of an innocent touch with
a link And for my hands of light ,
l gushed your scream with a song wothout a word..
And every word l hear ,
the moon is a witness of the uninvited lips…!

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