Poems by Akshaya Kumar Das

Poems by Akshaya Kumar Das


A black & white feast…

As night delves deeper,
I lye on my sleeper,
Slipping into a world of slumber,
The fathomless depth of darkness in hangar,

In a sub-conscious state,
Seeking fathomless comfort,
At times dash against the tides,
In delirium state of fear I hide,

Search for the blanket to hide,
Perspiring in fear loss my pride,
Fear takes a toll in darkness,
Run to the moon for little solace,

Whole of life day & night,
A black & white feast,
Hope beams in silence,
Seeking the pulse in essence,
©® Akshaya Kumar Das, 27-6-2019, 10:36 PM @ All Rights Reserved.


Until the last breath…

Life is a temporary journey,
Between birth & death enjoy the honey,
Beyond death ,
Soul seeks re-birth,
A questionable faith,
Coz none knows what happens after death,

If you dump the body on roadside,
Nature has it’s own way of destroying the body,
Salvation is a great dream,
Life long a desire remains in realm,

Human wants are unlimited,
A desire silently brews inside,
To attain salvation post death,
A struggling mind struggles until the last breath,
©® Akshaya Kumar Das, 29-6-2019, 9:29
@ All Rights Reserved.

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