Poems by Cindy Toth

Poems by Cindy Toth



Our pen has only one eye
But it has incredible senses
It sees the love and the hate

Our pen is a living dream
of our thoughts and inspirations
It has skills and beauty

Our pen has faith
It has hopes and beliefs
The reason it keeps writing

Our pen maybe be mute
But somehow it speaks
An international language

Our pen is our salvation
Rain or shine it never quits
A pen is a poets best friend.


The Devil Pleaser

Inside his dark soul
he tosses and turns,
Afraid of being seen
as the devil pleaser.

Disturbed from all
his failed relationships,
thick, pregnant, and cruel
loneliness bruises his ego.

And so, he turns himself
to Lucifer’s hands for help
where he finally finds a place
that fits him perfectly.

And then, he carves icy words,
to forget those that see him
as a complete loser his small mind
speaks for itself, in his secret agenda.

And yet, in the light and music
of our creator, dances with grace,
are those he desperately trying to bleed
to please his ‘she-devil’

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