Poems by Maurus YOUNG / Translated into BAHASA MELAYU by Siti Ruqaiyah HASHIM 

Poems by Maurus YOUNG

Dr Maurus Young or his Chinese name Yun Da Yang, was born in China in 1933. He graduated from National Taiwan University and a PHD from National Paris University. He started writing poem at the age of 15 in Taiwan and his poems were published in newspapers . As a poet, writer, journalist and historian, he had written 11 books including: When We Return, A Glance of The beautiful Land and People of Ethiopia, Lower of Rainbow, A Selection of Poems by Maurus Young, Dreams in Paris, Collectors of Stars, Western Sightseeings, A Jar of Wine etc. He served as Secretary General of World Congress of Poets under World Academy of Arts and Culture and now is the President of World Congress of Poets.As a journalist he served at many news agencies including Central News Agency of Taiwan in Ethiopia, Paris, South Africa and Switzerland. He also served for Associated Press of USA in Taipei. He lives in Paris presently.



In the dark
I welcome you
To you I offer
Blood tenderness, two hearts
Bathed in a trembling melody

I hold you
like a cloud, a feather
adrift in the wind of paradise

A small nocturnal stream
loses itself in the mountain torrent ceaselessly plays music of the dance within my soil your seed will live
put forth tender buds, grow under the sun
turn to wine forever sealed in the jar of the heart



Dalam kegelapan
ku terima kehadiran mu

Kepada mu ku tawarkan persaudaraan mesra, dua jiwa bermandikan melodi yang menggetarkan

Ku tatang dikau
seperti awan, seperti bulu burung yang melayang dalam bayu syurga

Anak sungai nokturnal
Kehilangan alirannya dalam deras arus air gunung dan tak henti memainkan muzik untuk tarian

Di bumi ku benih yang kau semai akan tumbuh
mengeluarkan putik lembut yang kembang di bawah mentari akhirnya menjadi wain
dan disimpan selamanya di dalam takar hati


Translated into BAHASA MELAYU by Siti Ruqaiyah HASHIM 


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