“i am beyond the walls
beyond the pages
beyond the bitterness of man.” Doc Penpen

On 7th to 10th of May 2019, the founder of PENTASI B World Friendship Poetry and Father of Visual Poetry, Doc Penpen Bugtong Takipsilim (Dr. Epitacio Tongohan’s pseudonym) along with other foreign poets and artists joined a literary fest in Uzbekistan. The event entitled, “Golden Word” is, in fact, the First literary Festival in Karshi and Shakhrisabz cities of Kashkadarya region. It is not only aimed to promote Literature, Art, and Culture but also, to bring together people of the world through cross-cultural encounter. This year’s theme of the festival is promoting poetry and novelty among young poets with a special focus on the works of Abdulla Oripov, Uzbek’s National Poet and Hero.

Doc Penpen has been invited to the said literary gathering of poets through the kindness of Otabek Olimjonov, the Head of Uzbek’s Tourism Department. It was a red-letter day celebration studded by the presence of important personalities and political figures of the country. He made his presence as a Special Guest of Honor, no wonder this remarkable participation has gained a great impact not only to him but to the Filipino nation as well. It should be noted that he is in fact, the first-ever Filipino poet who has received that kind of invitation from Uzbekistan.
Definitely, it was a very rare chance that could ever happen to a poet or artist who has been treading the path of global friendship and poetry in a span of a decade now. Doc Penpen himself has gone a long way across the globe to be able to shed radiance and inspiration to others. His Pentasi B conquers a decade of exploring and appreciating wider horizon of friendship, posting and sharing of poems coming from diverse cultures and beliefs, and continually expressing and giving inspiration to so many readers and poetic aficionados. Looking at how he began his poetic journey is like looking at a canvas painted with a galaxy of bright colors prominently of red and gold where the first symbolizes the undying eagerness of a spirit, and the second signifies the power of intellect, while the rest of sparkling colors stand for his different poetic and artistic achievements. Unquestionably, he is now paving his way towards a certain fulfillment of his dream of building a great nation of unified poets directed to actualizing the Mission: To Heal, To Inspire, To Awaken. Now that Pentasi B is on its 10th year since its first official launching on a TV show “Walang Tulugan” hosted by the late German Moreno. Doc Penpen has set high hopes for its more distant influence.

This is a dream which began from a decisive walk and in such a span of time, he and the administrators of Pentasi B organized different poetry fests which showcased talented poets and artists and given valuable literary awards to deserving local and international poets. Currently, they plan for the fulfillment of future poetry activities which will make the group altogether united in propagating the values of world poetry and friendship. In fact, this November 2019, he along with other prominent members of Pentasi B are scheduled to attend the China World Poetry Festival organized and sponsored by Sophy Chen. The aim of this event is to build bridges of friendship for global harmony and understanding among people of all nations. The program is presently taking its shape and is expected to be held from 22nd to the 25th of November 2019 in Xi’an, China. To add among Pentasi B’s attainments, Doc Penpen shall grace an invitation to speak at International Humanity Conference (IHC) which is anticipated to come off on 26th- 27th September 2019 at the Commonwealth Hall, University in Ghana, West Africa. The theme for the conference is “Poverty Stricken Humanity, Our Fundamental Roles in Achieving the Sustainable Development Goal 1 (No Poverty) for a Better World. This significant event is organized by Dr. Waheed Musah, Founder/CEO of Waheed Centre for Humanity and Humanitarian Development (WCHHD). This year is noted as Doc Penpen’s most remarkable period of a literary boost because with all these wonderful events, come very soon will be that great achievement in his life, this is Ghana Africa’s bestowing upon him one-of-its-most-coveted accolades, the “National Artist Award”. The Ghana government, through the initiative of its former State Minister, Hon. Rashid Pelpuo, will render the said award to him being an Honorary Son of Ghana. This is an international recognition for his incredible service to humanity and indeed, an exemplary achievement worthy to take note of.

Among Doc Penpen’s admirable facts to reckon, his coming to Uzbekistan was indeed a very unforgettable momentous one. He became suddenly acquainted to a nation endowed with such splendid culture. Uzbekistan is reverberant and unique—its culture which was formed over millennia integrates the traditions and customs of the peoples who at different times settled the territory of modern-day Uzbekistan. Therefore, the Uzbek’s culture is a merging of ancient Persians, Greeks, Arabs, Chinese, Russians, and nomadic Turkic tribes. It is now considered as Central Asian’s prominent image of crossroads cultures and is ubiquitous in its music, dance, painting, applied arts, language, cuisine, and clothing.

Doc Penpen confirmed two purposes in his coming to this country: one, is to give Pentasian Awards to Uzbek’s three most famous and proficient poets, Abdulla Oripov -Pentasi B World Shrine of Excellence, Asror Allayarov- Pentasi B World Poet Laureate 2019, Khafiza Egamberdieva-Pentasi B World Poet Laureate 2019. They are well thought out to have given honor to their country and culture. Second, is to reaffirm his zeal to put global laurels both for the Pentasi B and the entire Filipino poets and artists. His active participation in the festivity was welcomed and appreciated whole-heartedly by the Uzbek people. Indeed, he has gained a sound reputation not only for himself but also for our nation, the Philippines. Salute to his firm belief on the inevitability of being free in everything. It literally made him a truly free man. This made him soar like an eagle, flying free and strong, ready to conquer the sky of success. Uzbekistan is one of the lands where he flew freely to bring forth the significant power and value of poetry… and like wherever he has flown to, he flew to this country to heal, to inspire and to awaken. With Pentasi B, he firmly believes that poetry can bring healing, hope, and awakening to a multitude of readers including the young learners who need more solid guidance in their emotional and moral aspects.

There are still many paths to tread, souls to inspire and nations to unite. While walking his talk to heal, inspire and awaken the world, Doc Penpen with Pentasi B takes with him a true commitment and anticipation that in the very near future, he fulfills Pentasi B’s Vision and Mission not only for one or two specific people but for all peoples in this entire globe.

By: Nenita Ramiro-Rondera

7 thoughts on “DOC PENPEN AND PENTASI B TOOK PART IN THE 2019 UZBEK’S POETRY FEST / By: Nenita Ramiro-Rondera

  1. Thank you so much Sir Asoke! 😊 It really takes one great person as an inspiration to put something admirable & unforgettable into an article as this one. To God be the glory! 😊🤗🤩

  2. Aw! Haha Thank U Gab for reading it! Muah! Actually, I didn’t know at once that I could finish it. Got lots of school tasks to do first, but becoz Doc Pen trusts me a lot, I tried to keep going & i knew God helped me complete it. 😁🤗😊😍 Thanks again! 😁🤩😊🤗

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