Poems by Jyotirmaya Thakur

Poems by Jyotirmaya Thakur



In my dream she walked
through hesitant fields,
patient and kind
courting wild flowers.
I admired their wildness
and mystery just
out of my grasp
yet remained curious .

The way she moved her hair
along her neck spread
like long dark stems
spreading in black waves.
She reclined on a pilow
her long ribcage flowering
full of pink flowers
sprinklers evenly bobbing up.

And then she would leave me
with my head on the pillow
smelling her fragrance
smiling in her photographs.
A messy bed tells tales
of explosions unexplained
of eyesights unexplored ,
of time running out.

I can hear her laughter
as she surrenders
and her hands reaching out
to lock me in her arms.
I laughed to myself
with her head on my chest
with sorrows untold
felt good like scattered wild flowers.



You come down to the cool sandy beach ,
Paradise you thought you could never reach,
Close to the shore you see the boats gleam,
Unhurried lazily rowing like in a dream.

You look into the clear crystal water glass,
Hear whispering waves beautiful sounds,
Whose playful waters like clouds amass,
With lovers engrossed looking around.

The smell of sea draw you searching,
To see the ships on a distance sailing,
Swathes of sands smiling beckoning,
Bottom of your feet with warmth covering.

A serenity you find in this place of peace,
The view mesmerizing free of any lease,
A place to clear any doubt in your mind,
And leave all confusion very far behind.

Time seems to stand still for a while,
The sunlight beams shamelessly smile,
The warmth is like a kiss from above ,
It only reminds you of your true love.

Sitting on a rock you see other things,
Scattered shells and pretty nothings,,
As the wild waves increase their speed ,
Saffron twighlight streaks crashing it.

You can see couples huddled passing by ,
Tears of joy at this beauty makes you cry,
Shadows of two strolling together as one ,
A sign of great unity on beach for fun.



A smiling reflection of standing tall,
Bedazzled looks of experiences on call,
Beautiful bounty in mirror on the wall,
Glowing complexion of Autumn in the fall.

Tranquility in tsunami of greying disorder,
Blooming dawn of cosmic dance in order,
Serenity of perseverance bringing closer,
Family and friends in social dossier.

A simple solitude in harmony with the sky,
No more fluttering like a light butterfly,
Like a tree deeply rooted in storms of life,
An exemplary existence of real insight.

A miracle of soothing exuberance,
Monumental memory of sustenance ,
A mature stability of perfect balance ,
Mellow strength of caressing presence.

A pure woman of unnoticed essence ,
A celebrity of unappreciated presence,
A Muse in meditation of unaware silence ,
A warrior without armour against violence.

@Jyotirmaya Thakur copyright reserved.

2 thoughts on “Poems by Jyotirmaya Thakur

  1. Such an awesome triplet of poems my dear sister. I love the flow of the words in each and the impact of the message. The first one especially, flows with much love and affection and resonates with beautiful images. The inspiration is each is very touching. I love the writing excellence as it digs deep into the poems and resonates with your artistry and vision. Great job. Have an awesome day and blessings always!

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