Poems by Ngoc Le Ninh / Translator: LINH VU (American)

Poems by Ngoc Le Ninh
Đêm nay từng con chữ
Bò trên giấy nghẹn ngào
Thơ nằm như tắt thở
Đời mình sẽ ra sao?
Thời mở cửa xôn xao
Người kiếm tiền như nước
Thơ mở cửa ai vào
Chỉ Tôi – Anh biết được.
Giữa dòng đời xuôi ngược
Bao kẻ lo sang giàu
Bao kẻ không nhà cửa
Bao kẻ lừa dối nhau.
Tôi nằm nghe đớn đau
Của bao người đã chết
Nơi đồi cao vực sâu
Mộ phần chưa ai biết
Tôi nằm nghe đói rét
Trong cuộc chiến điêu tàn
Rưng rưng dòng ly biệt
Rơi đau ngày bình an.
Vết thương còn râm ran
Hờn căm chưa tát cạn
Choáng ngợp mắt thời gian
Xóa thù xưa – thành bạn.
Thương anh người trúng đạn
Thương Mẹ đợi trắng đầu
Thương người chui đất bạn
Khóc than cùng biển sâu.
Này mắt xanh đen nâu
Những màu da tiếng nói
Hãy cùng nhau nguyện cầu
Đừng gây thêm lửa khói
Đừng gieo thêm tội lỗi
Trên mặt đất hao gầy
Đừng để chồi xanh chết
Trước lá cành run cây.
Tonight, word by word
Crawls on papers choking
Poetry lies down as if it was dying
How will our life be like?
Time of glamorous opening
People were making money abundantly
Who could understand opening poetry
Only I – You know
In the life stream backward and onward
Many worry about getting rich
Many worry about being homeless
Many swindle one another
I lie down listening to the pain
From many soldiers died
On high hills and deep valleys
Nobody knew about their graves
I lie down listening to hunger and cold
In the war of destruction
Tearing up in separation
Dropping pain on peaceful days
Wounds were still tingling
Enmity has not drained out
Overwhelmed the eye of time
Erasing old hatred – into new friends
Crying for the soldiers fallen down
Crying for the mothers whose hair turns white in waiting
Crying for those who runs other countries
Crying with the deep sea
Dear blue, black, and brown eyes
Various skin colors, different languages
Let us pray together
Do not make a war any more
Do not commit evils
On the arid surface
Do not let green buds die
Before the tree’s trembling leaves and branches.
Translator: Linh Vu & Huynh Thu Hau
Night lost sleep by the recently passing river
Where was the waves’ soul wandering?
Listening to sand and gravel reincarnate in another life
River lost! I weep and break all dreams.
Night non-slept by the dying forest
The trees’ spirit lurched in the waning mist
Being haunted by the ghosts lurking
Forest gone! I collapse into coma.
Night famished for sleep by the starving animals
Hunger for green forests, hunger for dried up rivers and streams
Hunger for of a living season in the withering heaven and earth
All beings are on the treacherous canyon of dusk.
Night stopped sleeping all marine species ended their sleep
Eyes wide-open, stared at me and convicted:
“You yourselves cause countless catastrophes”
Saddened and distressed, the earth becomes an orphan.
Night longed for sleep by the thirsty-for-breathing cloud
Thousands and thousands of stars were extinguishing amidst ashes
Could the biosphere continue to exist after the explosion?
Sky is in pain; smoke dusts the eye of time.
Translator: LINH VU (American)

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