so so sure! / Poem by Ade Caparas

so so sure!

‘it’s not being boastful or arrogant or an exhibitionist; it is being sure of who you are!.. and it’s not easy to be so sure.. it starts from tediously learning, knowing, giving and practicing the best foundations you can ever put into your soul, heart and spirit.

your soul.. from the very moment of your consciousness.. must be well learned and disciplined; your heart must practise to be flexible and kind; your spirit shows how successful you are in all your endeavours.. bearing good fruits of holly spirit.

you do not need billions nor millions nor thousands in bank accounts; you cannot cheat yourself; you know what you’re worth with.. you feel.. you shine!

when you feel.. you shine, all the rests follow: sincerity, honesty, love, friendliness, kindness, faithfulness, helpfulness, holiness, and many more beautiful fruits of the spirit!

yes.. i plead guilty
i love
“not wisely but too well”..

a scorpion
i am
a no lukewarm..

anything i do
it’s all
or nothing at all..

i don’t hide
behind curtains
i flaunt it..

my jewels
my works
my loves..

i don’t regret
i don’t surrender
i don’t stop..

life for me
is beautiful
a gleaming sunlight!

ade caparas
sydney australia 18 april 2014/ 21 june 2014
repost 13/03/2015 manila philippines

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