AN APPARITION / Poem by Jagdish Prakash

Poem by Jagdish Prakash



Sequentially of circumstances
emotionally yours
I am on the shore of time
Count recounting the beads of happenings
Like circles of a Buddhist monk’s prayer wheel.

Wrapped on my shoulders is memory’s enzyme
Which like jelly keep spreading
On the edges of time.

I remember that night: sultry, sullen, morose
When you said good bye
From the first step of departure lounge
Quietly, without a word
But I could see a pearly tear drop
Resting on your left cheek
Where I placed my first kiss
On a moonlit night back in time.

Neither I could say anything not you asked
When will I return
Perhaps I knew and you understood
That web of circumstances
Though sequentially woven
Leaves it s ends tangled.

The last bead of my rosary is between my fingers
But it does not move
Winds have stilled
Half moon is near a fade out
In a niche of dark horizon
I hear the rustle of leaves
Shed by orphaned autumn trees
Drifting on pavement, from nowhere to nowhere.

Memory of that sultry night
Rises like an apparition
And gets dissolved over my open window sill


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