Poems by Aarti Mittal (Rita Jain)

Poems by Aarti Mittal (Rita Jain)



Pachaas saal ki ho gaye mummyji daddyji ki shaadi ,
Hui thi jab inki shaadi, uumr thi unki aadhi se bhi aadhi,
Daddyji bhole bhaale aur mummyji seedhi saadhi,
Ho gayi pachaas saal ki inki shaadi.

Aadhi sadi hui inhe saath bitaaye,
Kabhi pyaar ke toh kabhi takraar ke chatkhaare lagaaye,
Hanste gaate, gungunaate, ik duje ko kitne vibhinn roop dikhaaye,
50 saal ke saath mein bade anokhe pal bitaaye.

Jaise jaise parivaar badhaaya, zimmedaari ka sailaab aaya,
Apni khushiyaan bhoolkar bachchon mein hi khud ko ramaaya,
Is ardh sadi ke saath mein maata pita banane ka gaurav paaya.
Tab tha zamaana aur, ab hai nai kahaani,
Daddyji diwane mummyji ke,
Aur gehraati prem kahani.



I see you drenched
In the nectar of raindrops
Get tempted to sip each
That slips down your body
It is more intoxicating than the one I drink
When my eyes see you sway your body
Your drapes sticking you
Defining your curves
They crave to see more of you
When your lips shudder
In the yearn of warmth
My lips wish to lock them
Holding you tight
Sipping the nectar
That has made you
I wish you melt in my arms
And I sip those melting charms of your beauty
You mingle in me with the air I inhale
And I flow in you , as your drink red
We forget the world around
And only listen to hearts that pound
When your feminity finds solace in my manhood…..


A Tale of Submission 

Oh ! How and from where do I begin the tale of my romance
Each moment felt, to be heard you will never get a chance 
It is a tale of a prince and a princess
, they danced on the floor with carpet red ,
Lost in each other
Sunk in each other
Romancing they grew but their love young crazy and mad
The dance floor changed with carpet red
Now it was
Covered with soft petals of roses red their bed
Her hands on his shoulders
And his on her waist
Eyes lost in each other
And lips craving to taste
Her fingers strolling on his neck , in his hair
His , clutching her tight , leaving no space for air
Their toes meandering on each others legs
They feel the skin sipping the very first peg
His fingers rolling from her tresses to her nose
Then to her lips to her chin
As they slide through her neck to her cleavage
She gives an invitation grin
Unitieing all the tassels of her shame
he sets her free from her attires to begin the game
Blazes breathlessly their ecstatic fires
He plays with her femininity
She with his muscles
Two revealed bodies become one entwined with each other
No fear no shame no hesitation
Some call it sex
Some expression of love
But I say
A tale of self submission.

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