My poems / Poem by Muhammad Ismail

Poem by Muhammad Ismail
My poems
I write them all
dedicate them all
to the whole world
not only my friends
and it doesn’t matter
for me at all
your sex and color
you are young or old
I just wish and pray
that every day
someone ‘ll find some
some peace of mind
or happiness and joy
or something to think
I may mentioned it
and you forget
my poems to me
are very dear
a precious handmade
piece of swift
I wove them all
use all my threads
a thread of love , thread of joy ,
and thread of net
a thread of tears , thread of fears ,
and thread of threat
I made my kerchief
for all of you
use it as you like
and as it fit
to wipe your tears
to hide your fears
or after a hard day
to wipe your sweat
But please don’t use it
as a tie
The Old Singer
Muhammad Ismail .

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