Poem by Jyotirmaya Thakur

Poem by Jyotirmaya Thakur



Oh, freedom, Oh freedom!!
We are a flock of sheep abandoned,
Orphans of war or righteous forsaken, 
Children who labour just for survival,
Education is the only key to our freedom.

Oh, freedom, oh freedom!
We are girls of poverty and destitute,
Stolen in childhood,nipped in the bud,
Sold to courtesans in flesh trade institute,
Rescue us from this dirt to life of dignity.

Oh, freedom, Oh freedom!
We are the refugees of nowhere,
Lost our home- country,sense of belonging,
Devastated fugitives to settle anywhere,
Give us shelter,food,security for healing.

Oh, freedom, Oh freedom!!
We are immigrants in countries unknown,
We are beggars in streets far from home,
We are bonded labourers working as slaves,
Give us the dignity to live in freedom like brave.

Jyotirmaya Thakur©®26/6/17



The highest result of education is tolerance,
Loving those who do not agree in acceptance,
It is the oil which takes friction out of life,
Celebration of individual differences, pure vibe.

Tolerance is giving everyone due respect,
That you claim for yourself in retrospect,
Ignorance is the root and stem of all evil sects,
Every human being should rightly introspect.

Acknowledge all that has been lost with time,
Learn to live with losses without any crime,
Disliking a situation will not be a solution,
Taking an action will be the right decision.

To bring change become a student yourself,
As water maintains shape as the vessel itself,
Embracing the present is living with depth,
Wise man adapts to circumstances in length.

To grow with betrayals of fake is endurance,
To find best in others is beauty of appreciation,
Exist with mature sanctity and give affection,
To leave the world a bit better in any condition.

@Jyotirmaya Thakur copyright 2019.- From my book -‘Rosary Of Rhymes’.



Live in the moment of the present,
Do not bemoan actions of the past,
Graveyards remind nothing lasts,
Beyond bitterness live in the vast.

Futile is our attempt in money trade,
Greed leads to frustrated wages paid,
Fools paradise on gold mines based,
Mortality takes away wealth we made.

All the world’s a stage is wisdom clue,
Mere players are we is absolutely true,
The curtain rose with dawn of our time,
God will close the act without a sign.

Seven stages of our age is a privilege,
Not every life gets lucky to complete,
Small is our existence for parts to play ,
It is really sad when we squander it away.

@Jyotirmaya Thakur copyright.2019



Bliss in life is created if intact as inherited,
When our thought process expand positively,
And move beyond narrow selfish intentions, 
We enter a permanent state of life blissfully.

Sufferings are caused by excessive expectations,
Our body, mind,intellect are three faculties,
Which works within limited boundary and horizon,
Our gross manifestation has limited abilities and capabilities.

Ignorance of truth behind all happenings,
Consequently give rise to a state of helplessness,
Perceived problems from environment are our reactions,
Reflections of our deeds emanate from ourselves.

Awareness of truth is our lack of control,
Makes us wiser to manage our interactions,
Our responses will be more positive in vibrations,
When we achieve expansive state of reciprocations.

The universal being will awaken and arise,
Whose head is the sky,eyes are Sun and the Moon,
Breath is the vital air,upper abdomen the space,
Limbs the earth and lower abdomen the ocean.

Man as mediator will achieve an expansive state,
Then the individual will access the infinite field,
Man with absolute wisdom will rise to eternal bliss,
All problems in life will disappear and joys yield.

We are responsible for our sufferings, through negative impulses,
If we manage our mind,factory of thoughts,life will be blissful ventures.

Jyotirmaya Thakur©®30/6/17. From my book -” Sojourn of the Soul. “

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