Poem by Tian Yu

Poem by Tian Yu
Aeolian Bells
The change of seasons is too fast.
Who can stay in the dream for a moment?
I can’t see the eternity of the constellation.
Suddenly I had an inexplicable pain.
This is not a girl’s special ability.
The heart sways like willow leaves.
There are thousands of nodes in life.
Which node is forgotten like the wind?
Look at the silent aeolian bells.
Silence makes time a vacuum.
Not brilliant or shining,
But it remembers the rainbow that has been forgotten.
Look at that little string of love bells.
It sounds the echo in the sleepless heart.
Not brilliant or shining,
It brings a lot of tenderness and truth to the silent men.
Snow-like soul
The falling petals are like snowflakes
blown by the wind.
They landed gently on the ground
as if with a sigh.
The night was pretty quiet.
Everything is beautiful
though there is no moonlight tonight.

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