Poems by Nutan Sarawagi

Poems by Nutan Sarawagi
Mother’s are Father’s too!
To my mother on Father’s Day ! She loved him so true ! She was both our father and mother ! A mother more than a father ! For Father’s Day is a poor man’s mother day ! I dedicate this poem to her !
In her words ,
I am a father who looks after myself
and my children too
as he goes wandering in himself
wondering if he was ever a father too
a father who lived in his own world
further than his world where he lived only for himself
was he ever a father I knew
Give me a father greater that myself
who knew my worth more than you
a father who loved to be called a father
in his love of you
a husband to be mine more than anyone
in his love of you
No I would rather be a mother who lived alone in her love loving you
no fathers for me , no husbands for you
for in your father you see a husband so true
never loving always lusting
give me another father to live in you
no more me but with me in you
mother I love you
no more fathers to love you
It’s my life
Once in a way , you want to let your hair down , it’s my way of protest
let me rest !
‘‘ It’s my life 🎵 🎧 🎶 🎵 ‘’
In my suicide I sought heaven
I thought it was hell
For when I killed myself
Did it matter where I went
heaven or hell
to me they were the same
take me
to another world
where there is only one death well
where everyone chooses their fate
where no one is there to tell
live your life the way you want to
let everybody go to hell
as I scream and shout and yell
‘’let everyone go to hell
its my body
my life
I will live it the way I want to
no ones telling me to do
what’s best
for me it’s time to rest ‘’
Copyright @ Nutan Sarawagi

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