Poems by Radhakrishnan Krishnan

Poems by Radhakrishnan Krishnan


O CAPTAIN! my Captain! our fearful trip is done

The climb to the cup was so steep,
In our hearts, we nursed hopes,
But when the hurlyburly’s done,
Our hopes dashed and Kiwi’s did win.

O CAPTAIN! my Captain!
Leader of ‘blue brigade’ of eleven,
The worst thing did happen,
Beyond everyone’s imagination.

You trapped yourself before wickets,
For final at LORDS, lost your ticket,
The cup was near the lip,
But all your men let it slip.

You wanted the cake but got crumbs,
All our hooters went dumb,
What happened to hallowed top-order?
Were all reduced lambs of slaughter.

Oh, captain, our fearful trip is done,
Sip champagne and have some fun,
We lost by a small margin,
We hold beliefs as a consolation.



Time….a mere mortal’s measurement,
Determined by our planet’s movement,
Counting and keeping the track of it’s turns,
Till our ashes are collected in urns.

Held in siege by the ever ticking clock,
In the remand of time, behind a big lock,
Timeless love we never seek,
Bearing slaps of time in our cheek.

Out running time’s fastest wheels,
There is one thing our hearts forever feel,
It leaves a memory time can’t steal,
Till eternity it has an appeal.

Binding souls across the ages,
It will forever live in human pages,
The moon may decide to never glow again,
But love in hearts will glow and shine.

Whoever surrendered to love’s holocaust,
Time can’t bind them to their past,
When tales of love are written in the stars,
Afar, Can cruel clutches of time mar?



Life folds and unfolds,
Squeezing me in its python’s hold,
Folds me in its arms to give a kiss,
Then it dumps to leave me in total mess.

Until death it is all life,
Have to bleed under its sharpened knife,
Each day is like a thief,
Running away with happiness to give grief.

Swamped by slimy waters gushing in from all sides,
Enduring life’s bites while riding its raging tides,
Life is a demonically ticketed torment,
In every moment, with malefic intent.

Bruised and fractured, but where to go?
In the rough waters of life, I continue to row,
Bearing life’s whiplashes and blows,
God!!, when you will shut the life’s door close?

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