Poems by Tulsi Shrestha 

Poems by Tulsi Shrestha 


Come On,Touch My Heart 

I’m in love with red rose like you
So many sweet hearts are in que.
But I have chosen right as you

Echo of my beats tracing you
So long ago, I’m following you
Listen me, my love sounds so true .

My heart can’t beat without you
My eyes chasing to catch your hue
My oozing lips are ,thirsty to kiss you.

Not easy for me, to live without you
Breath of my life ,no doubt it is you
My heart revives with touch of you.

Let me hope , my arms around you
Permit me to dissolve deep inside you
What extent you love me ,let me see you.

I can’t let you go out of my dream
Need to feel , pleasure of joyful scream
Let passion end with melody of rhymes .

When you carried my heart with you
Since then ,I am following to catch you
A quest for love, ends definitely with you.



I traced my own name
Above the surface
Of musical echoes
Of your heart beats.

I lighted a candle
Of my sweet love
Inside the temple
Of your heart.

I really intended to kiss
The luminous sun beams
That reflected from
Your glorious and
Elegant beauty.

Your long blonde hair
Cascaded below
Your splendid thigh
Weaved along
With wind
In honour
Of me.

Rhythms of my poem
Spring from
Your beauty.

Rhymes of my voice
Emerge from
Your speech.

Eternal is a word
My heart spells
For your love.

A new language
I need to create
For your clarity.

When you approach me
With a sweet smile
Forest catches fire.

I captivate golden dawn
To present you
As a precious gift.

Contents of my poem is you
Hence your essence is due
As an eternal guest.

Let me wrap your beauty
To enclose inside thirst
Of my eyes.

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