Tickle… ” DELETE” / Poem by Elizabeth Ongpauco 

Poem by Elizabeth Ongpauco 




The art of Forgetting OR Forgiving 
The “virtues” Forgiving AND Forgetting
Easy to forgive a Max, Ash or Lance?
Child’s play to forget a new acquaintance?
Tough! How about EX Julian or Jillian?

But, a to the point, humdrum conundrum
The in hog heaven contract is performed
Why grant a tenant in situ in that cerebrum?
NO! NO! Living rent-free in that system?
Oomph, stop the sulks as though death had come

No doubt, pain defined, anguishedly expressed
Not to crucify and suppress oneself
This very moment, O, why not just watch
The past’s shadow, rainbow of newborn now
Wet behind the ears, breathe self-assured air

Pellucid peace on a silver platter
Make room, sweep all the dust of miseries
Ingest ! Raise from the dead Miss Common Sense
Listen to the garrulous ladybirds
Aware and know what it is hence, discern

That flirty turtle walks on the green grass
The gregarious rabbit dancing his waltz
Done her state of torpor, the hedgehog squawks
Sheer blue rose unruffles and flaunts itself

Not po-faced, they counsel Sotto Voce

©Tickle, UK 
Elizabeth Ongpauco 
All Rights Reserved

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