Poems by Joanna Svensson

Poems by Joanna Svensson



I see the wind gently fondling the leaves
The leaves that slowly flings to the ground
I feel so nostalgic
And so full of longing
I’m writing a letter to you
A letter that I will never send

It’s getting late and close to sunset
But I can’t stop just thinking of you
Incurably in love – with you, John
Incurably in love with your guitar

I know of course that you live
In a totally different world
And I know that you don’t know
You don’t know that I even exist

A little girl from a foreign country
Hopelessly in love with your photograph
Hopelessly in love with you, John
In love with The Beatles and you!

©® Joanna Svensson



Time has passed – so fast, so fast
I really don’t know where it’s gone
Today like always
I listen to your music
And it often happens
That I daydream

I remember so well
The poem that I wrote
To you
So many years ago
I remember so well
The letter
The letter that I never sent

From your heaven you can surely see
The teenager girl who was so hopelessly in love
The teenager girl
Who now and for ever
Cheerish the music of The Beatles

It’s so sad that you were so early
Carried off into another world
It’s so sad, so sad – Oh, well, Oh, why?
But here on earth – you will always live
For ever through your music!

©®Joanna Svensson

Swenstorp Sweden 12/7 – 2019

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