AMBITIONS / Poems by Flerida Ambrocio

Poems by Flerida Ambrocio



When it comes to ambitions
Here’s what I’m longing for..
I’d like to be all parts of my body
My five senses had super power
To heal the universe that threatened
With gigantic problems that will
Anytime, anywhere our world
In which we live in will collapse.

My eyes – I’d like to have melting power
To melt all dirts that surround
Our planet earth. Make it clean
Free from all types of pollution
Of body, mind and soul..

My ears – will hear even the
silent whisper
Of negative mantra of Satan
Who over-powered the mind
Of choosen one to do evil doings..

My tongue – to have the power
To turn bitter and sour taste
Into sweetest one so that my lips
Could have the sweetest smile
That will captivate the heart
Of those neglected one.
So that they will not loose hope
Have faith that everything will
Turn for the better
That there’s still brighter sunlight
After a dark midnight..

My nose – to smell all hidden smell
That seems so bad, convert it
To a smell like the fragrance
Of fresh flowers that will captivate
Our heart and mind the moment
We smell such sweet fragrance
Scattered around..

My sense of touch – to have a magic touch
That everything my hands touched
Turn into something useful in sight
With multi-colored bright that makes
Our heart always filled with joy and love.

It seems my ambitions were too high
For the world to see. But as long as
We have faith and confidence
All those things will happen
By the glory of God who has
The power to grant our wish
No matter what.
It could happened
All of a sudden .

Copyright@Fida Salazar

3 thoughts on “AMBITIONS / Poems by Flerida Ambrocio

  1. The poet prays for infusion of nobility in all our limbs so that whatever we do through these limbs, happen to be good and virtuous. I feel like joining in this prayer of the poet.

  2. Thank you very much Jagdish Prakash for your wonderful comment. Blessings from Philippines with friendly hug and sweet kisses.

  3. I wish to be
    Friday,19th July 2019

    My ambitions
    shall have no restrictions
    it will fly with wings
    and try to bring peace all over

    I wish to be a flower
    with the arrival of showers
    and mix fragrance with the earth
    and provide a peaceful breath

    I want to be a keen eye
    to see the plight and try
    to mitigate the sufferings
    as a good human being

    i want to be poor
    to live peacefully with an immediate neighbor
    share his feelings with honor
    and always thank the creator

    i want to be soothsayer
    and always offer prayers
    with honest request to grant an access
    with all to remove their sadness

    Hasmukh Mehta
    http;//www.poemhunter,com/hasmukh -amathalal/

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