a poet’s TEARs / Poem by Ade Caparas

Poem by Ade Caparas


a poet’s TEARs

music shouts
his thoughts
does heaven hear?

i pain
i pain
dear God!

poetry stabs
its pain
does heaven feel?

i bleed
i bleed
dear God!

a baby craves
its hunger
does heaven see?

i thirst
i thirst
dear God!

people stench
in their soul
does heaven smell?

i stink
i stink
dear God!

am i bless?
still love me?
dear God?

i feel hear see taste
no no no heaven
dear God!

my literary contribution for the coming ‘poetry forum’ in Bhatinda Punjab this 13 October 2019, as an opening Discourse!

__ade c.
wednesday 7:18am 17 july 2019
sydney nsw australia

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