William Khalipwina Mpina (Malawi)

William Khalipwina Mpina (Malawi)
William Khalipwina Mpina is a Malawian Poet, fiction writer, Economist and a teacher. Many of his works appear in various international literature magazines and websites such aa Atunis Poetry, African Writer, Kalahari review, Library Shanghai, Writers Space Africa, Nthanda Review, Scribble Publication, Cobana Writers and Expound Magazine; and in nine local anthologies. His Books include ‘Shattered Dreams’ (2019), ‘Shadows of Death and other poems ‘ (2016), ‘Namayeni’ (2009) and ‘ Njiru’ (2003).
When Season one breaks into
Season two
Season two plunks into a dark cave
Wearing a skin gloomier than
Swords gather to wipe minnows
Cracks in the strained heart
Like soot in the ceiling of a
Their stilettos dissolve into a sea
of sorrow
Why am being hunted in season
All paths take me to a pool of
Within myself I an fighting a war
As bedlam brows my scanty
My mother knows not how I am
My brothers ask too much of my mien
Home is not sweet. I am a goat
Tethered to a shrub of Death
Every night I sit peeping at
luminous objects
Dancing across the sea of the
Refusing to go to bed. I watch
Pitch-dark nights
Creeping up to hide my face
Petals of disenchanted dreams
And tips of thorns like traps of
I am but a door bleating
inwards and outwards on a life’s hinge
my story falls into waves of
dogmatic darkness
vanishing into blues denying to
Face the truth.

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