CONTINUA CONDEMNACION (CONDEMNATION CONTINUES) – Dr. Ezhil Vendhan / Traducción: Edith Elvira Colqui Rojas

Poema de Dr. Ezhil Vendhan



Estoy completamente solo ante Pilates,
nadie habla por mí
Y nadie me ayuda a defenderme.

Dedico toda mi vida
en ayudar a otros
escuchando a los más pequeños,
cuidar a los necesitados
quienes son ignorados por todos.

Ni siquiera parecen recordar
que como estos pilates
prepárate para ponerme a los castigos.

Me siento abandonado pero nunca asustado.
Me culpan, critican y me regañan.

Me tratan injustamente,
por cosas injustamente
Y no hay justicia natural.

Por favor escuchame solo una vez
y firma incluso una sentencia de muerte.

Copyright © Edith Elvira Colqui Rojas



I stand all alone before Pilates,
no one speaks up for me
and nobody helps defending me.

I devote my entire life
in helping others,
listening to the smallest ones,
caring for those in need
who are ignored by all.

They don’t even seem to remember
that as these Pilates
prepare to put me to punishments.

I feel abandoned but never afraid
I am blamed, criticised and scolded.

I am treated unfairly,
for things unfairly
and no natural justice.

Please hear my side once
and sign even a death warrant.

Copyright © Dr Ezhil Vendhan


4 thoughts on “CONTINUA CONDEMNACION (CONDEMNATION CONTINUES) – Dr. Ezhil Vendhan / Traducción: Edith Elvira Colqui Rojas

  1. Reminded me of the Passion of Christ. These wonderful verses vividly expressed how our Saviour took all the pain and humiliation for the good of mankind..including us. What a great writings you made. Short but clear and meaningful. Congratulations again! You are a pride of a writer like me who learned a lot from you.

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