Poems by Jyotirmaya Thakur

Poems by Jyotirmaya Thakur



Summer has arrived opening her colourful wings,
In freezing Winter I thought of you as Spring,
I remembered how you made everything bright,
When I would be lost you were my guiding light,
I thought of the warmth our bodies produced ,
When harsh winds my energy reduced .

On Autumn nights and Winter evenings,
Of Spring mornings with sweet awakenings.
Of cups of infusion tea fragrant in our hands,
Of the leaves sprouting in the distant lands,
Measured by your charms I kept staring at you ,
All seasons past all I could look forward to you.

Amidst wrongs of today’s and distant tomorrow’s,
Walking alone in the pathless meadows ,
Wandering with feet steadily on the ground,
Far away from home a home I found,
I have no other care but going back home ,
Flaunting my head in a white cloud dome.

Wearing blue clothes spread like the sky,
With pink smile of rose petals I will fly,
Wild desires inflamed without a rush ,
Undressing ourselves in a silent hush,
Together will bask under the saffron Sun,
Together we will float intertwined with fun.

As cottonwood dances through a warm breeze,
Together we will love and in a portrait freeze,
As a fallen oak leaf rides the edge of waves,
We will get lost in duality of painted frames,
Basking in the shade of twilight husks,
All my dreams intact of dawns and dusks,

@copyright Jyotirmaya Thakur -2019. (From my upcoming book -“Rhythms Of My Soul “).



Literally Literary in Poetry,
I wrote you a story in symphony,
I have a ballet choreography for you,
Better to be blue than never love you,
Jumbled metaphors of my mind,
Jotted down on my notepads,
Or smart cellphones of new kind.

I wrote you in bright colours,
On hot summer days,
Clashing a storm on sunrays,
Lightening spirit on thunders,
The curve of your waists ,
And steps on the wet sands,
Settling down on my lands.

I wrote you on the palm of my hands,
Dripping red wine from my lips,
In the new found language,
From brush of my polished fingertips,
Opening my files, reading quickly ,
Scrolling through my texts,
Scanning my initials deeply .

I wrote you on lazy Sunday strolling,
Scribbling steadily and slowly
Printing the snippets editing,
Bubbling out on crispy sheets of paper ,
Meandering in computing,
Like the new books neatly lying ,
On bookshelves slanting.

I wrote you with burning passion,
Emptying my steaming thoughts,
Baring my love emotions,
Gliding with my hand ,
And twist of the wrist ,
Scattering imagery over you,
Soaking in abyss of my meanings.

I wrote onto your waiting pages,
Thinking of tenderly phrases,
Transforming them in a sensual dance,
Blending together in a rhythm ,
Giving and taking in trance,
Syllables of noticed charms ,
Squeezing between your arms.

I wrote you where the sky kisses the ocean,
Creating the horizon with pen on a page,
From burning dawn to fading dusk,
Thoroughly free and fully me ,
Joined to you completely,
Smiling against your skin ,
Through thick and thin.

@copyright-Jyotirmaya Thakur -2019-From my upcoming book -“Rhythms Of My Soul 



Every moment is a requiem delight,
Every memory an euphony of light.

Just start through the startling haze, 
With the child’s eyes of innocent gaze.

Play your part with amazing grace ,
Pains and joys are chapters of the race.

Music resounds with the lovers voice,
Songs with fragrance of frankincense.

Doors of a room open like book of spells,
Charged with magic from deepest wells.

Dreams float on beautiful cadences ,
As they drift through the severe woods .

Layers of boredom,layers of guilt,
Lifting weight of a million worlds built.

@copyright-Jyotirmaya Thakur 2019. (Poem from my upcoming book “Rhythms Of My Soul)



I was a fool in love
you were a deception
and neither of us knew
promises don’t keep us safe from fire.

I know I will get burnt
helplessly drawn to your flame
throwing myself to heartbreak
to fire, to sparks of real life in rage.

Why are we so compelled?
to have our souls set on fire
even though we know
we cannot survive the dire.

Enjoy love while you have it
for once they disappear
they may as well go away
falling for me will lead you nowhere.

I was withdrawn and you accepted
I could not see the path ahead
you took my hand and led me places
Otherwise I could have never found myself.

@copyrightJyotirmaya Thakur.

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