THE GIRL IN THE MIRROR / Poem by Joanna Svensson

Poem by Joanna Svensson



Who’s the lady
In my mirror
The one I see
Each and every day
I have a feeling
That I know her
But yet I see
That I don’t

She reach for words
She reach for thoughts
Out of the wreath
Of four seasons
Her friend the butterfly
Is loftily dancing
In her summer meadow

She is not
Like all the others
Moulded, shaped
In a standard form
Led by grey
Masses humming
What’s convenient
And what is not

She has no time
To keep
She is mother
She is wife
She is grandma
She is proud
And life’s garland
Is in her hair

Each year her mirror
Shows reflections
Sometime she wonders
Who it is
But deep inside
She’s still the same
No matter what
The mirror sees

Time always pictures
Her actual image
Time and time
And time again
But she sees
The little young girl
That she for ever
Will remain

She loves colors,
Hats and shoes
She paints freedom
With her words
She turns nighttime
Into daytime
And starts breakfast
With champagne

Yes, deep inside
She is still the same girl
Quite as frisky
Now as then
Who embraces
Each and every new day
And like this she will
For ever stay!

©® Joanna Svensson

Swenstorp, Sweden 18/07/19

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