Poems by Matthew Pollock

Poems by Matthew Pollock


Upon My Dream

Your gentle kiss, soft upon my dream
The love bubbles, that can’t be seen
Your touch so soft, a lovers silk divine
The senses tingle, a perfect fine wine

Your silhouette lines, I can almost touch
The meaning in soul, that loves so much
Your scent of thought, as minds connect
The perfect rhyme, our mutual respect

Your softer light, like an angels glow
The timeline tracks, that start to show
Your journey shared, our story now told
The hands interlocked, fingers in fold

Your morning bells, coffee now brews
The breakfast in bed, slippers for shoes
Your awake I dream, as you stand there
The butterflies of life, our forever care.


My Voodoo Doll

That copy of me, that causes my pain
But who controls; driving me so insane
Life’s remote control, with pins as keys
My voodoo doll, that nobody else sees

Random bad luck, seems I’m on a roll
Stabbing sharp jabs, its out of control
Good intentions, bleeding once again
My voodoo doll, can no longer restrain

Finally I’m broken, a stab to the heart
Try to write down, that last tragic art
Hoping you’ll know, not just all in vain
My voodoo doll, time to end the pain

Taking control, my two selves in one
Removing the pins, bad half undone
Discarding of wrongs, this is my say
My voodoo doll, it all ends now today

© Matthew Pollock



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