Poems by  Membis Okorie Chukwukamma

Poems by  Membis Okorie Chukwukamma



Dedicated to Suicide Attempt Survivors: You Are Not Alone

The demon that hunts you lives inside you
And when it is dark, when it is midnight
He comes like an angel to teach you again
That you are no longer a human, stop being

Weakness has built a duplex in your mindset
He tells you that you are a candle with light
You are only waiting to be burnt down as wax
Do not blow the wind from your mouth!. Relax
For I only see wings in your sorrowful stories
I tell you that they are your greatest reasons
Reasons to stand like a rock, defeat six feet
And restore your golden glory from your dust

You think you’re alone and this world is empty
You shout words that reverberates triple echo
Oh! those are the voices of silence. Fluently
They tell you, you are not alone while alone
That is the voice of tomorrow speaking dews
Begging you not to abort your diamond dreams
If you’re patient enough to have read this far
Then you can still wait to see your bright star



When Darkness knocks on the door of your heart
When your roses turn dust burnt by inner flames
Your appetite like stone cast into an ocean is lost
When all your strength become your weaknesses
The harmony in friends jokes become a thriller
Like carousel_ your life becomes ceramic plate_
Rolling in scary pace, turning fun into fright
Do not forget that you are born a great healer

If romantic melody turn dirge or sleeping a hobby
Dreaming the only comforting arena you embrace
Do not forget to make this very poem a remedy
Don’t forget that stars and scars define ye’ beauty
Let them seduce this your weary spirit into bliss
For you are made of dark ivory for the universe.

(c) Membis Okorie Chukwukamma

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