Poems by Linda Imbler

Poems by Linda Imbler
Changing Hair Styles
As the years roll on, don’t change hair styles too often.
The hurry of these changes
will give you too many false starts.
Let your coiffure make you steadily individual,
and stay the course.
In life’s quick wonderland,
brush and comb
following a necessary format for steadfastness.
Hair as designed tenor,
a dormant symbol of
effort, patience, perseverance.
Therein lies real beauty,
for the fair arranging of plans,
without demanding that
one day must be the same as the next.
Consistently bad hair days: the badge
of disordered dimwits,
of too hasty relocation,
too quick rethinking,
and no comprehensive procedure
make life purposeless.
Ankh, The Key To Life
Astral body
lingers beyond the
boundaries of our sight.
What we have seen:
phlegmatic calm,
telescopic fury,
agonized lament.
Death is abstruse,
but eternal life
is not.
What the key, the ankh
much more.
Abstract ideas
streaming deliverance
of good luck,
the sounding of everlasting eternal life,
and the experimented unfolding
of the creation of the world.
A revered existence,
once reserved
for just deities and pharaohs,
now known as the key of life,
after death,
for all.

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