Poems by Jyotirmaya Thakur

Poems by Jyotirmaya Thakur



A smiling reflection of standing tall,
Bedazzled looks of experiences on call,
Beautiful bounty in mirror on the wall,
Glowing complexion of Autumn in the fall.

Tranquility in tsunami of greying disorder,
Blooming dawn of cosmic dance in order,
Serenity of perseverance bringing closer,
Family and friends in social dossier.

A simple solitude in harmony with the sky,
No more fluttering like a light butterfly,
Like a tree deeply rooted in storms of life,
An exemplary existence of real insight.

A miracle of soothing exuberance,
Monumental memory of sustenance ,
A mature stability of perfect balance ,
Mellow strength of caressing presence.

A pure woman of unnoticed essence ,
A celebrity of unappreciated presence,
A Muse in meditation of unaware silence ,
A warrior without armour against violence.

@Jyotirmaya Thakur copyright reserved.



Shapes and shadows move around ,
In dark or light without much sound,
Mountain breasts rise high on ground,
As Sunsets golden love surrounds .

Rattling waters on pebbles reptile slow,
Pale green moss swaying on moors,
Bees and wildflowers mating on shores,
One seed bursts birthing many more.

Winged fancy butterflies talk and chide,
Caterpillars on slender branches slide,
Dry leaves falling crunching cried,
When worm eaten fruits left its side.

Pregnant cloud loudly burps,
Bubbles of rain pelting on curves,
Whistling drains greying merge,
Blazing yellow cabs hooting surge.

Winding road in puddles thrown,
Children swishing till knees drown,
Sweet and sour call of ripe fruits ,
All senses in organic aroma arouse.

Sensuous breeze in red fire ablaze ,
Wet clothes on pink bodies fade,
Crazy earthly desires in green gaze,
Sweet is budding blossoms taste.

Koel coos and rooks busy caw,
Farmers cover seedlings with straw,
White spider lilies rising first,
Fragrant jasmines smelling burst.

Spring bidding farewell in a jest ,
Climbing summer in rosy haste,
Drowsy drunk in festivals fest,
Cold white wine sparkling taste.

Mysteries of life simple and clean,
Hanging on seasons pure pristine,
Shapes changing from birth to death,
Do shadows follow light everywhere?

Jyotirmaya Thakur©®-25/4/19.- From my bilingual book – LIGHT AND SHADE

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