Poems by Raeesa Usmani

Poems by Raeesa Usmani
The crack
in everything and everyone
let the light enter
to enlighten the gloom
offer novel perspective
to think and define
the same old, shady alcoves.
It is irksome
yet a painstaking process
as of becoming pearl
in never easy as falling off a log.
can pearl be created without
getting through the process?
And the time takes
to find the crack
and reaching out
in the process, slow yet steady
as pain in the arse
that assuredly rewards
in the end.
Thus, let the crack happen
celebrate them
with all your might
of endurance and persistence
only to receive, the sweet
fruit of the bitter travail!
A firefly,
Stuck in the jar,
Of expectations and exigencies,
Of others, less significant in the life.
Choking confinement, soon
made her realize, the naked truth
of this bitter life. The expectancies
Which never satisfy, even if you perish/die.
Out of blue she caught,
A commanding echo, she thought
Shouted at once to her, Leave,
Escape and fly, to never
and ever return.
Before breathing the last respire,
She wanted to inhale life; She knew,
and exhale expectations,
Of others, a few.
Therefore, the firefly soared far,
Never wanted to be lifeless, before
living the time as it roll up
Embracing it in the tight hug!

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