WHEN ECSTASY RULES / Poem by Muhammad Azram 

Poem by Muhammad Azram 



O My Beloved!
You know what it savors?
When I convene bliss in you
Surrender to emotions;
Travel from me to you
And I dive deep within me to reach you
That very moment surmounts me
On the concealed cosmic Horizon
Where, I stand tall on cosmic ecstasy
And Cosmo lays down unique patterns
Of life, flowing right under my eyes
Unique and peerless patterns of life
Where, everything tastes like subliminal bliss
Light, colors, feelings, fragrance andmelodies
O my Beloved! When Ecstasy Rules
Listen to call of my inner delight
When I surrender myself to Me and You
And stand tall on cosmic horizon
From there on I feel new Life
Flowing parallel to my awareness
Where fleeing time stops
And let my emotions stream from it
And mammoth space shrinks
And let my imaginations to envelop it
From there I embark upon new elation
On wings of subliminal Cosmo
Accumulate real bliss of living time
And taste moment of eternity within mortality

All Rights Reserved 
Muhammad Azram 
Thursday, June 02, 2016

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