Mbizo CHIRASHA (Zimbabwe)

Mbizo CHIRASHA (Zimbabwe)
MBIZO CHIRASHA is (ihraf.org) 2019 International Fellow of the International Human Rights Arts Festival New York. Essays contributor for the MONK art and soul Magazine http://monk.gallery/category/essays/
in United Kingdom. Co-Editor of the STREET VOICE a German Africa Poetry collection, http://www.street voice.de/SV7/SVissue7.html in Germany, Co-Editor of Silent Voices,
( a tribute to Chinua Achebe) Contributor Atunis
Galatika,https://atunispoetry.com/2018/11/23/mbizo-chirasha-zimbabwe/, Belgium.Contributor to Diogen Plus Magazine in Turkey, http://diogenplus.weebly.com/mbizo-chirasha.html.Editor of the WomaWords Literary Press, https://womawordsliterarypress.home.blog/. Curator of the Brave Voices Poetry Journal, miombopublishing.wordpress.com, Resident Curator of 100 Thousand Poets
for Peace-Zimbabwe , 100tpc.org/Zimbabwe and the Originator of Zimbabwe We Want Poetry Movement. Founder of GirlChildCreativity Project (Amplifying girl child voices through literary Arts.)me.facebook.com/mbizochirasha. Featured in the POIESISI Slovenia International literature Press, https://www.poiesis.si/, Slovenia. International poetry site, Better than Starbucks in Untied States -https://anthonywatkins.wixsite.com/btsdec2017. The GAPA Blog in United States, pa.org/2017/11/21/gapa-meets-poem-mbizo-chirasha/.The Nation Press in Kenya ,https://www.nation.co.ke/lifestyle/artculture/BY-THE-BOOK Mbizo-Chirasha-/1954194-4295122-h3nhojz/index.html.
Black StarNews in United States of America ,
The global artist portal , http://www.spla.pro/ficha.persona.mbizo-chirasha.34232.html. The Herald in Zimbabwe,
https://www.herald.co.zw/chirasha-poet-par-excellence/. Badilisha Poetry exchange , http://badilishapoetry.com/mbizo-chirasha/. The Standard News Paper in Zimbabwe, \
https://www.thezimbabwean.co/2011/04/harares-poet-of hope/.African Contributor of Demerpress poetry series since 2018 , Netherlands, http://www.hannierouweler.eu/category/demer-press/.Contributor of the International Gallerie 2019 in India,
https://www.gallerie.net/about-us/., Contributor of the World Poetry Almanac series,
https://openlibrary.org/authors/OL816823A/WORLD_POETRY_ALMANAC . 2018Recipient of Global Literary Influencer Certificate of Merit by Directorio Mundial de Escritores through Academia Mundial de Literatura, Historia, Arte y Cultura
http://directoriomundial.allimo.org/Mbizo-Chirasha/. Vice President of POETS OF THE WORLD in Africa poetasdelmundo.com. 2017 Recipient of PEN
Deutschland Exiled Writer Grant.2017 Recipient of the EU-Horn of Africa Defend Human Rights Defenders Protection Fund.
I am writing a letter to booze sodden political crocodiles
I will not silence the sun, I want to silence the gun
I am writing a letter to nicotine burnt brothers and to tear bleached mothers
Holding on to their sun burnt dreams that I will not silence the sun.
I want to silence the gun
I am writing a letter to villages wallowing in furnaces of grief.
I want to silence the gun. I will not silence the Sun. am writing a
letter to the president about hawker economy and festivals of
motorcades sirens. Freedom is candlelight in the bedroom of hope!
I am writing a letter to dissidents farting hatred in Congo
Congo, My Nagasaki pimping the state for hot bread and cheap slogans.
Darfur, My Hiroshima, fermenting coup d’états in breweries of war
Dissidents plucking off the petals of the revolution. Drinking the
passion fruit of freedom
I want to silence the gun. I will not silence the sun
I am writing a letter to Msholozi ,I will not silence the sun. I want
to silence the gun
Madiba is no more, A heart break to Azania
River that carried our smell and totems.
River that coursed with our past and present.
Madiba the summer sun that melted into the hazy mountains leaving
behind,Children wetting the rainbow mat with stale urine
Beer- coholics drunk with xenophobia. Hawkers vending guns for gain
Casanovas pimping freedom for slogan. Black freedom toting fists for revenge
I see people with stones heavy in their hearts
Trembling in the delight of fading rain
Dieting from gossip and fear
In a country smitten by ego and arrogant ambition
A country that lost its character and salt, infected by moral dementia.
Drinking from jars of sorrow every dawn. I will not silence the
drums, I want to silence sirens
I will not silence the sun, I want to silence the gun.
I am packing a powerful poem for supper, tasting political carrot
and potato. I will not silence the griots.
I want to silence republics.
Mandela went with his oranges, we no longer enjoy the vitamin
Children suffer from the scurvy of freedom,
On this earth farting unpleasant smell of corruption and political joke
See, crocodiles dancing in rivers waiting for rain
China eating berries with monkeys in Serengeti
Yeoville lulled to sleep by nigger hip-hop and Jamaican reggae
Africa drinking red wine in the sun of Washington.
America walking barefoot in diamond villages
Slums burning in sex and cigars
Smoke of gossip choking, nations sneezing burden
Nations coughing heavy smoke of burning coal of corruption
Savana babies biting bullets in slums of freedom miscarriages
Revolutionary abortions! I will not silence the griots
I want to silence the gun, I will not silence the sun.
I love America. I am writing a love letter to America. I will not
silence the drums. I want to silence the wind. Wind that brought
evils. Evils lurking in murky waters. I love America. I am writing a
letter to the gods of America. I hate chocolate coated bitter smiles
I am a peasant drinking water and sipping Coca-Cola. I learnt English
and Coca-Cola. I will not silence the sun, I want to silence the gun,
I am writing a letter to Obama and America to sing a different song.
I want to silence the gun. I will not silence the sun. I am writing a
letter to America and Obama that I will not silence the sun. I want to
silence the gun. I am a child of the rainbow and stone.
Boende, You sold your morning sun for a cup of tea
Darfur, I see red ants coming for you in the wake of another dawn
Bujumbura, You lost your salt in gossip
Sambisa, pungent smell of home brewed war, permeating the nostrils of Africa
We are children of chiboko burning in the charcoal of war,When Ebola
sneeze, Bissau catch a cold,
When the sun sits over hills of home, I see triplets Ebola, xenophobia
and Sambisa sharing half smoked cigars after a ritual bath in Tugela
Pongolo and mfolozi bleeding xenophobia
Limpopo crocodiles smelling roasted flesh
Soweto smoking imboza
After another Marikina
Ghost of biko eating beetroot in the drama of rainbow revolutions
When the sun filter its orange into this red earth. I see twin
brothers Renamo and Frelimo laughing outloud to baboons dangling in
gorongosa trees
I see children sniffing face book and colonial dope.
Darfur, drowning in the din of rattling drums and blood dollars, their
children eating wiki leaks for breakfast and twitter mojo for supper,
oiling the revolutionary engines through song and dance
Burning candles from both ends.
Nodding to the wind of drums and beat of the gun, drunk with wind and sound
Sing Darfur
Sing to the freedom babies eating twitter berries and faces book figs.
Forgetting their fingers in Google forests. Licking Wounds after
burning in cultural monoxide and moral dioxide
Bastards starved of ideological oxygen
Black monkeys learning about trees from sparrows
Khayelitsha ,Armageddon of kwaito and booze
Enugu drunk with palm wine in the red hills of manobe
Sankara and his ghost breakfasting Communism in upper-Volta
Harare wincing from punches of media witches
You need holy water to wash your armpits
Last night Congo drank Ebola from White Nile
Copper pregnant earth of Congo,carrying the wind of want Heart beating
like djembe,monkeys sneezing flu to equatorial birds
Anopheles defecated malaria in Cabinda
We are the children of sabalele.
Sharing our DNA with Hani and Biko,Whose ghosts walk in the fake bling
-bling of rainbow freedom,
Freedom still born!!
Eating carrot and beetroot in Mpumalanga- the land of sun.
Rains of death are beating the land into madness
Madness breeding slums
Azania! I have a song for you
A song of bees feasting the rainbow nectar on the tattered petals of
the revolution
Egoli! I have a love song for you
Song of Nomvula, the princes of the rain
Madikizela! I have a love song for you
Song of the abandoned poem.
I have a love song for born frees eating beetroot in Thembisa
Povo smoking ganja in Thokoza
I have a love letter for tweeting imbeciles, whose bellies are burning
with emptiness
Zambezi! I have a love song for you
Song of fatcats milking cash cows of the state until udders bleed
I have a love song for you , Azania
Song of your bottoms frying in ovens Xenophobia
Political turncoats watering marikana fields with blood
Orange River flowing red
Cicadas singing protest songs
Eating funeral sandwiches with apes in Kgalagadi.
Finding no sleep in burning trees
Azania, this jungle burnt off the coal of our dreams.
Azania, smell and memory of Mandela
Mzansi, long walk of sobukwe
Land of metaphor and ambition
Choking in toxics of xenophobia
Babies lulled to sleep by rants of fake revolution and alliteration
of the rainbow nation
Metaphors of madness!
See Hani and slovo-your freedom suns watching sarafina from terraces of life
A Scarred revolution!
In this land that lost its gold and salt.
Azania, you are the rainbow laughing the last giggle
Xenophobia burning rainbow flags to ashes
Xenophobia! Black ants burrowing back into their umbilical soil
Madiba weeping, singing for another summer, another rainbow
Madiba went away with rainbow, clutching the clay that bind the
rainbow threads together!
Azania, Mandela was the clay of the revolution and the glow in the sun
Azania, foxes and their puppies are eating from the pot of gold- Egoli.
Hyenas sniffing the sweetness of this earth now blistered by
revolutionary ailments
See the heartbeat of Soweto carrying the soil of madiba forever!
Poverty saluting the sun, cockroaches drinking the milk of freedom.
Azania! You reaped freedom not the fruits of freedom ,the red sun and
the bruised rainbow
Rainbow is sleeping in stone, Mandela!
Rainbow weeping Marikina after swallowing rain and grain.
Marikana!Afro phobia eating the beloved. Beloved shelling, pounding
brothers like monkey nuts in mortars of apartheid.
Born frees cracking their shoulders to catch that thin glimpses of freedom.

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