MY GREATEST WONDER / Poem by Membis Okorie Chukwukamma

Poem by Membis Okorie Chukwukamma



I am proud of my scars
They taught me how to heal
I am proud of my fears
For I learnt to be confident
Tears taught me how to smile
My depression gave me a trophy
And inside my heart is a shelf
Where you can find accolades of bliss

Through my dark lane
I reached the path of light
In my defeat, I discovered my strength
How could I have learnt peace
If I didn’t fight a war with myself?
How could I have known love
If I was never hated?

I am alive because I died
I decayed and became green
I sunk and I learnt to float
Now I am an ocean
I swallow earth,
I devour fire with calmness
And I still have air buried inside me
Truly, I am my greatest wonder.

Edited By Peter Dean

(c) Membis Okorie Chukwukamma

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