Poem by Joanna Svensson



When twilight slowly comes
And Doors of magic opens up
My heart gets filled
With enchanting comfort
That tonight
Something special
Is about
To happen

The garden already whispers
Rumours of what’s going to be
The full moon enlightens my thoughts
With its golgen
Magical force

Then all of a sudden
I feel the instant presence
Of a parallell world of the past

I feel strongly
The nearness of the master
He who so skilfully painted
The puppyfield behind our house

The master who I met
In our garden – on our meadow
So many times – so many times

And he knows my admiration
For his great work of art
He knows I adore his magic
That’s why he comes
When summer’s moon is full
And its light flows golden yellow
With all its might
With all its might

That’s why he visit me
And together
We share a glass of wine
The door of magic
Is always open
When the full moon shines in

When the nightshape’s slowly falling
And Doors of magic opens up
That’s when everything
Once more can happen
Over and over
Again and again!

©® Joanna Svensson

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