Poems by Kairat Duissenov Parman

Poems by Kairat Duissenov Parman
Some Black Magma Buds
In thick layers of snow,
And severe frost on Almaty Mountains
The world seems all white, white
All mythical, legendary
Behind me a machine moves on, not knowing
How to catch up, even at a simple bank…
My feet are heavy, I am an old man,
The machine has overtaken me,
I walk on its trails,
Though it is easy to walk, yet useless.
The machine moves on clearing,
Cleaning the central street,
Behind it are a few people,
They slither the gathered snow down
From the brim of the road.
I move on but exhausted, looking faintly,
At the trees, still wearing white kerchiefs,
No bird sings, only a dog barks
From the courtyard of some distant house,
Or some old crows, peck debris to debris,
Covered with white cotton;
But as I move on, I listen to some mysterious whispers,
“Some black magma is budding
Under the thick white layers of snow”.
Frost and Fire
Freezing sparrows look at me
I feel tormented,
The sight of piled snow in my small yard,
Reminds me winter has come
To cover the earth with fluffy cotton of snow
It has made the city worth-seeing.
But the sparrows shiver with cold
As if their bare feet are frozen to the bones,
And their food has gone underneath the snow,
Ah! A sad pitiful sight it is.
The whole world is covered in the blanket
Exceptionally beautiful,
But like an obstinate woman
The piercing cold is very naughty.
I have finished clearing my yard
Evening has come… darkness is all around,
I look at the frozen sparrows,
I only can weep for them as I am helpless
To the frozen gusts of wind, sent by
Some invisible being who has in His hand
All control, including frost and fire.
The Harvest Of Life
I long for, to see again
Your expressive eyes
I crave for your love
As you did in my early childhood
Your gentle kindness and kisses,
Your supportive care, even in my adolescence
You ceased not loving me.
Do you miss me too, mother?
When you were alive,
Your eyes riveted on the road,
They engrossed while you waited for me,
And I came back home always lingering a lot.
While I retuned you used to kiss my forehead,
I always noted crinkles of worry on your face,
Your kisses, your caresses
Made my soul free from all worries
You held me tight and said,
“Why did you stay out for so long?
I was worried, you don’t know
Now uncertainty prevails over the town”.
I miss you my mother, my native village
I recall the period of my youth
When I was agile and carefree,
I long for, to see again the people,
Who loved me and in response I esteemed them,
My age fellows with whom I grew up
My brothers, my sisters,
Ah! Most of them departed to the world next,
Life passed away fleetingly, it left behind with me,
A load of memories that I carry along,
It is the harvest of life of that I reaped,
The most precious treasure that I heaped.

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