To the lady of The Festival / Poem by Sehma Helaa

Poem by Sehma Helaa


To the lady of The Festival

All in all, let’s cherish the lady of the festival,
Hand in hand, we gloriously join the band
we perform, we sing, we write in English 
In a Muslim, Arab -speaking land

To she, who has believed in the power of Art
To generate positive vibes and settle love in every dry heart

Looking for creative and artistic minds
Among the learners, amid the teachers,
she usually finds,
That unrelenting spark of creativity
Entangling learners and teachers
in more than one activity

we zealously respond to the appeal
Making from our festival a big deal

To she, who has spread her generous wings
willingly making us embrace our artistic strings

we got English out of the ordinary classroom
To the arena of creativity and artistic bloom

Students are eager to take part
Grinning to every heart, happy to be smart

They want to participate more than once
A three – day glee without a trance
Telling the whole country
we are making from our performances a deity

Mrs sharfi eagerly rewarded them
Believing that they are Tunisia’s gem

She strives to reward us too
with thankful tongues, we say God BLESS you

Expressing our deep thanks to Mrs Sharfi 
july 2019 sihem cherif

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