WHEN VENUS MET APHRODITE / Collaborative poem composed by Nuran Sarawagi and K. Radhakrishnan


( collaborative poem composed by Nuran Sarawagi and K. Radhakrishnan)



Her mind could cherish just one emotion.
Is it her love for a woman?
Or her hate of a man?
But that love became a subject matter,
Of ridicule and laughter,
But her hate was not mocked,
No one ever got shocked
Yet, she chose to come out of closet,
To score in her love’s test,
She hated to be Demon King’s concubine,
So, here she drew the line,
To follow “ DOUBLE VENUS” sign,
APHRODITE landed in to VENUS’S embrace,
It was like a tender fragrant breeze,
Two mermaids entwined in deep seas,
Time stood still and squeeze,
What she found is grace and peace
She peaked but the terrain was not rough,
For this bliss, thousand lives are not enough,
Yes, she will paint a scarlet “L” on her forehead,
A moment when tender love overcame the dread
In the molten lava of love she did melt
In the heat of new found passion, she did swelt
All the hatred in her was vaporized to dissolve
A femme pride did evolve.



I aM mE …

…yes you could call her the odd
The odd one out ..to mock
For she was her own
in her refuge her own one she sought
hated by men
in them her life she fought
Scarred for life
braver than most men
she got a love that
no more lived in her overwrought

By the men who serenaded her
not for her soul but her body
to feel her in their lust caught
in her blood curdling death a life to blot
Every night to weaken her soul
as she lay so taut listless crying her heart
in her lifeless life killing her every thought
in their lust to rot
Forgotten so lost

As life beckoned she found someone like her
who was looking for love where there was no hurt
Only a love that never felt bought
Seeking solace in each other
Crying in their love they forgot
Years of subterfuge to drown in their sorrow
In tears that filled in eyes as if falling on a dead rock
As they picked each other
hugging each other
Life once again felt so warm
In a love slung on their arms
As they so happily walked armed
in an a happiness disarmed
feeling their heart unknot
Hung in a love that no more fought
In it to see all the colours knot
In hues of rainbow that cried
Open your heart
In you to see each colour
In the blue to see the sky free at last
In the wind to flee it’s heart
Flying as it goes
Love me love me not
I am that hope that lives at last
In a love that is no more lost
free at last
As the moon comes out
to rescue the sun
The stars finally glimmer
to the sparkle of the night
In every tear sprinkling their heart
In tears that fall no more to stop
Life get me
…………………….I am no longer lost
I love you a lot …

© Nutan Sarawagi and K.Radhakrishnan

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