Lucilla Trapazzo (Italy)

Lucilla Trapazzo (Italy)

Born in Cassino, she lives in Zurich. After a degree in German literature at “La Sapienza” University in Rome, a MA in Film & Video at the “American University” of Washington, D.C., and a continuing education in art and theater, she works as actress, critic, and translator.

Her activities range among poetry (recipient of different prizes, publications in International anthologies and art books, and Festivals), theater (teaching workshops, directing, acting), video-installations, and literary critiques. In her works she longs for a synthesis of all the different artistic languages. Her works have been shown at several International exhibitions and festivals.

Poetry Books:
“Ossidiana” – September 2018, Volturnia Edizioni, Isernia, Italy.
“Dei Piccoli Mondi” – April 2019, Il Leggio Edizioni


Poems by Lucilla Trapazzo



Things overlap and words
books arteries the muscles on my back
your eyes – peppermint and honey
the hours (one and another, one hundred
and seventy three thousand).
They crumble. Down
pouring on my face. Down
sliding in the cracks. And further down
they stand – still
on a limb a breast on the index finger
(the one of solitary lovers)
sometimes instead they linger on a lip
– padlock without a code.
And I stay.
I wait and weigh and count the items
the holes the tattoos
unraveling from the chaos
Oh, the yearnings for a golden leaf
a brush a stroke a savior hand
(be blessed the wonder of the flawed!)
It’s here it’s now the ever ending change
the dancing of the life.


Yoni (Varanasi)

The temple is in love tonight
sparkles of mirrors inlays and candles.
The jasmine and the jade.
A golden rope from my navel to yours.
Seven promises. Seven times
you circle me enfolding. Bride’s enamel
breast of fire. Anklets singing.
Oh the flowers – golden – yellow.
Intoxicating gardens.
Milk and Gange’s water flow
the shiny sign erected.
Almond hands caressing, milk
sprouting. Incense and mantras.
Love floods – uncontainable.
Stay a little longer. Parvati
will carry her fruits.

Translated by George Wallace

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