Poems by Sabrina Young

Poems by Sabrina Young



Darkness invade my eyes
wings clipped and bound,
no roots beneath me,
this cocoon my only

Scale the walls of my tiny
abode, weak, a newborn
still in the womb, a diamond
lost in the night sentenced
to life to die in this tomb.

As I gather courage
my senses are sharpened
by sweet whispers of
strength that fill my
ears. Fragrance fill my nose
as I breathe the unknown .
Breaking free , life blinds my
eyes, letting go of fear that
has hovered for so many



Sun rays dim
casting shadows
here I am
searching the
hollow of my 

I can see
as if you
were in
front of
me, a
a love past,
a replay.

My heart wetted,
naked is left my
soul, stripped of
you, my only

Tears gathering
in a pool at my
feet , as my
very existence
seeping slowly
swallowed into

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