Poems by Tian Yu

Poems by Tian Yu
Flowers and Leaves
It’s hot,
it’s cold,
it’s love and it’s pain.
There is always a feeling of stagnation.
It’s blue,
it’s red,
and it’s empty.
You can’t escape this life again.
One flower,
one leaf,
one light and one thick.
There is always a world in our hearts’ beat.
One understanding,
one mystery,
one difference and the same.
Just not every single,
just not every dream.
How free and turbulent the day and night
can be tolerated by everything like water with delight.
The stars can’t contend for the brightness of the moon,
but they are still alone and eternal tonight.
If there must be such silence,
There are bound to be endless,
and there are bound to be ups and downs
that seem to be the same.
The old and the new are born again.
Everything new is going on without the stress.
Love is New and Only
White Rose’s Flower Language,
With the impression of silence,
I’m old enough to love for always.
Your smile appears in my dreams.
And I didn’t really care that I love you at once.
The distance between you and me,
It doesn’t blur feelings.
I also want to restrain my love gradually.
I know I suddenly missing you.
It’s your voice that makes my heart warm again.
I don’t want to be entangled by love like this.
But most afraid of being close to you,
Somehow let love hold me tighter to be free.
I’m falling in love with you.
And gradually I can’t control my feelings.
I want to turn all sunshine into tender love for you my baby.
I’m falling in love with you.
And gradually I can’t control my feelings.
I feel that my love has finally found the ladder to climb,
Love is new and only.

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