WORDS TO LIVE BY / Poem by Timothy Payton

Poem by Timothy Payton



Your be tested before your blessings,
Must hit hard times for true lessons,
Open eyes will realize real lies,
Open minds will comprehend and divide;

To be a true leader, you must stand alone,
Yet be compassionate for those lost and roam,
You must stand for something or fall for anything,
Be careful of your reign and the responsibility it brings;

Not everyone will share in your joy,
Some will try to manipulate and play like a toy,
love with your heart, show with your actions,
life is truly beautiful, take in the captions.

Written by Timothy Payton

One thought on “WORDS TO LIVE BY / Poem by Timothy Payton

  1. Awesome words and narration of this poem my dearly beloved brother and esteemed poet. I like how they flow and the impact of the message. They are very inspiring and relates to the truth of reality. Your descriptive excellence resonates with wonderful images of the truly successful one overcome obstacles in the path. Great job. Have an awesome day and blessings always!

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