Poems by John Masunga Malelu (Kenya)

Poems by John Masunga Malelu (Kenya)



It is not easy on this busy mighty road
Some vehicles are ugly and broad
Monoliths zoom past in heavy tonnes
Others graze my space in simmering stones
Banana girl is me on this road long
From the sunrise of my soul is banana
Banana girl on Mombasa road
Motor bikes overlap in twin mockery
Matatus from the hell I never know
My wares to sell I must and brave
There rushes hurriedly the loaf van
I wish it too one fresh and tasty
The milk truck misses me by inches
I missed my mum’s breast and life milk
The groans of my soul indeed
Banana girl me in Mombasa road
The trailers I creep under to the next buyer
Small cars and small low sales
This life of peddling bananas is bigger
For me I must be alert and be the digger
Life is such on these mighty tracks
I see it all the ugly life and trucks
In the heat and sweltering heat acrid
My heart and soul and body no sheltering
When they come rains refuge is polythene
And I minor banana girl on Mombasa road
All the small and high close all windows
Thus I becoming a road banana widow
Double tragedy for me in a world cruel
On this road of heavy containers to heaven
To eke my bread I must even leaven
Minor banana girl on Mombasa road
That is me banana minor insignificant girl
In the tragedy of this might road
I see a day my crushing by a rogue driver
The ambulances which shrill arrogantly past
Will keep on moving and the trucks zoom too
Another unidentified girl minor banana
Banana minor girl on Mombasa road
I am the peel of theses sweet bananas
The left overs of life and unwanted chaff
Minor girl selling bananas on Mombasa road.



Many I see for sure will want to own my bones
Let them say it now
The few who will in my death conspire
Yet in my life never they wee bit inspire
Say it not then when I am lifeless
Say it now and let me know you are selfless
Say it now
Tell it to the world
If we climbed this mountain conjugal
Peak by peak
Step by step
Gently and smoothly so
Flap by flap
Turns and coconut
Say it loud we enjoyed the nut
Lip on lip and etcetera sacredly
Wait not for my jugular strangles
Or the debilitating plague and struggles
Say it now before I breathe my last
Say it we know the deeper we did communions
In this illicit body to navel reunions
It was memorable the meetings
At our junction of wonders
We real did alot of wanders
They were the lovely meanders
You and I
Say it now
We got a will as sweet a mountain too to ride
Say it now before I am unable to say bride
Say it now
If we did the dance afternoon Rumba rhyme
Many Saturday daily dances
And we forgot safety in our trances
Or your safer lock day dates
Say it now
Say it now
Let my clan hold their peace forever
Say it now we do the necessary rite
That in my soul I know progeny safe and right
Say it then not on my cremation day never
Say it not when I lie still
Beyond these gates metallic steel
Say it now
Do not divide my shoes by tribe or tradition
Or peel my clothes as they did in radiation
It was a painful moment in this transition
Say it not later awfully turned friend lover
Say it
Say it now I live in peace
Than later I go in piece
And you bury half of me not at ease
Say it now
Walk in through this door
Just say it now!



Man from the world and earth
Be not the unpleasant manuscript
If you could be the unpleasant honk
The world needs your spice little less

Man from the unschooled
You are lifeless and walking dead
You are longer dead if you still walk
The world is happier without your smile

Now you man who smiles with your teeth only
The world needs less of your mandibles
Man you know grace is not in teeth
Many have no mouths yet smile

Man in tight patriarchy tie and race suit
This world is tired of your mind vegetable
Man-you brave random evil nose ring king
You disgrace manhood extra stiff


Your hatred and tribal self eccentric
Man you hold the tribal rose thorny
Man in woman and callous so spirit bony
Man in tribal coupon as the medieval

Man in unholy greedy alliance
Man in vegetate dalliance
Man you suffocate in self doubt
Man in little suffrogate

Man you suffocate of self
Man in efforts super sugar coat
Man who works in lies factory sugar beet
You man you do poor hope sprinkler

Man in false prosperity
Woman in lower integrity
Exchange of gender and propensity
Mundu!In man and woman!

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