Poems by Sadiqullah Khan

Poems by Sadiqullah Khan


My abode

So we shall walk together –
To the door of hell
My infidel love, I leave at mercy
Myself cherish paradise open –

That may I implore thee, keeper
Of the doors
That instead hell may be
My abode – happily sent therein.

Sadiqullah Khan
August 2, 2019.


Such Poison

Such poison runs in my blood –
What is sweet love to some is bitter
What savours sense in after-meal
And lovers’ choice oft and then
Such sourness makes my arteries
Burst. My limping heart whether
Exceed or delimit, – such I
My slow recline with doom cherish
That all the while all kind sugars
And all honies to me thus banned –
My singular fight not definite
To satiate an appetite but yet
The check is heart breaking render
My fingers bled hundred time
That every now and then night day
I read and wait for what to read
My fate numerals tells me a gadget
That am made austere humble
My will and resolve to forebeare
Not a word utter and yet –
And yet my tables with potions fill
Every discourse begins with this
How much coated bitterness I
Swallow how my fasting me benefit.

Sadiqullah Khan
August 2, 2019.



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