TRUMPING IT AWAY / Poem by Dr. Jernail S. Anand

Poem by Dr. Jernail S. Anand



Those who contradict you actually extend on 
what you say.
Death does not end life.
Only gives it a new perspective.
Rivals who oppose only assert essential differences which are built in.

We all are almost alike yet differ.
If we cannot differ, there is no reason to exist
in similar denominations.

To be different is to be alive.
Things which are alike in mind and bind
are essentially dead
to the humour of the earth.
We can’t be centrally networked laptops.

Those who don’t like differences
are dead to the essence of life
which is variety.

It leads us to the idea of virtuality.
Of a million possibilities,
you are just one.
Your action too is just one
out of a million choices.

We are catalyzed in a momentary state
Of creation.
Had the moment passed,
We would have been entirely different.

We must love our selves. Our being.
But not to the exclusion of others.
Those who build walls
Are turning the logic of life upside down.

This world and its impulse to live
Has outlived holocausts like Nagasaki.
And world wars.
Trumps too will trump away.
The earth will have the last laugh.
Life knows how to lift up its falling graph.

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