AH! LIFE / Poem by M. A. Rathore

Poem by M. A. Rathore



How fast we are these days!
Leaving with mechanical tools, being a part of it;
We have forgotten the changing dates in calendar;
Running after completing our targets;
Leaving far behind our emotions
What is necessary;
Without thinking what pleasures and pains
We have sacrificed for life.

We are surrounded with
A number of unimportant objects; persons
Which do not affect us at all
But we think of it
In most of the time we spend.

Let’s take out some time
For family and friends
And for those who think
You are one of the most important persons
And your time spent with them
Make them happy and free.

Let’s enjoy the moments with nature;
With kids and spouse
Doing some household works
Like cooking, washing and sweeping;
Walking in some deserted garden;
Smelling the soil of the first rain;
Feeling the shower of heavy rain;
Chirping of birds those make us feel
They are connected with us.

Let’s take the taste of the food
Slowly and peacefully we eat;
We have lost our delicious tounge;
We just devour what is served
Without chewing bit by bit
That which cause overweight
And many more diseases.

All rights reserved
Photo credited: Facebook
Dated: 04/08/2019

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