Florin M. Ciocea (Romania)

Florin M. Ciocea (Romania)
Florin M. Ciocea was born on 11.06.1957.
Resides in Fetești, Ialomitza county, Romania.
Published books: 15 titles(prose,poetry, translations)
My friends asked me to write a love poem,
But the witches from my life
They killed my love…
That i should love again
To fall asleep in the roots of the trees
And in april, with the first apricot flowers
To descend into the passionate soul of women.
What is love, you will ask?
Nobody knows,
But through the sinful lens of senectuation
We understand what we have lost:
Some light the boiling blood,
Others the sublime vibo that colors the seasons
And most desire,
Which makes man sometimes,
Angel or demon,
Frozen eternally in that hot segment of time.
I gathered straw in large, round bales
When suddenly
In a terrible vision
Realize that i am collecting in bales
The bodies of your past memories.
On cold winter nights, i tell myself,
I will nourish the future memories of the people with them
And thus the fragile balance will be maintained
What keeps the world in the sunlight.
But my memories
My palms are bleeding
And thighs
And forehead,
But i am not complaining;
Live the pain of memories of others
And i meet the dawn
In fresh roses clothing.
Sometimes i”m afraid of myself;
I could place myself
An evolving supernova even in the stomach,
To come into your world
Dreams lived or unseen
They will float to another dimension,
Where other people
They will feed their hopes with them.
Sometimes, this fear of mine
Arouses boreal auroras in the sky
And then
You can look at my soul,
Expansiv and exuberant,
But you will not understand it.

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