Poems by Aroop Mitra

Poems by Aroop Mitra



Dusk sweeps by with a covert glance —-
grasses in the glade bow to Wind God
titmice scurry past seasonal leafage
littering the soil , archeobacteria hard at
self appointed jobs , decomposing , alchemy
when gold crisps emerge from green gold foliage
cotyledons fresh from uterine darkness basking in
ample moisture , bubbling from subterranean springs
unflexes so seamless , triceps ripple blue and lucent
spirals run , frolic , luxuriating in lapidary mellowness
for when you sniff pores yawn , stretch and submit
collective nerves a-tingling , tousled cornstalks share
their bounty , as falcons and hawks set off screeches
A rusty door shudders open straining arthritic hinges
for as Ursa Major beckons occult aromas herald
her regal approach as mistress-mother earth heir to ,
exalted mien exudes mesmeric glissades , unclosing
palms : accents of cairn , flora , waterfall , cove , beach :
all indulged with grave , albeit rarer compassion
scanning untold aeons , earthéd with sacred caress
hoary testament to this awe as plover calls illumine
even as groves and sunny deodar forests set crescendos —
rains amid pealing thunder
the hidden names undercut all creation :
inanimate basaltic strata or pulsing mitochondria —-
and at sleep’s margins time no longer ripples onward
slender fingers of spring glean the harvests , plaiting straws
impalpably plucking notes out the incessant nagging rain

®Aroop Mitra 2019. Rights asserted & reserved.



. Colonies of wings :
. drifting clouds
. bathe nude
. with tremulous
. breezes
. expansive
. for joy
. refracting
. differing slants
. of beams
. accents of
. clarity ,
. shaded splotches :
. a creaking
. contraption
. of slats and binds
. swaying to gusts
. or puffs of wind
. at times
. felt you quake
. then
. a rickety old
. man mutters
. as he shambles
. off in loose jeans
. then clutching
. nervous parcels
. not she but now
. on a cycle
. tongue lolling
. out her pup
. taking merry
. peeps it bounces
. in wicker hamper
. again hordes
. nature watchers
. tread grass blades
. up down
. by crumbling
. walls , ruins
. outhouses
. over tussocky downs
. clumps of thistle
. ragwort , milkweed
. respites from
. concrete granited
. wildernesses

© Aroop Mitra July 2019. Rights 



Muted repose , this unheard threnody
Cleft through rushes
Hoary ruins bear no more
Sift oneiric ashes
Seconds tick by close merrily

When by diffus’d starlight , crazed fire
Boundless rapture
Fugitive , no core
All that finery might desire
Realms making crowns go haywire

We fine-tuned whatever Fates defy
Left naught in whom aggrieved
Erasure sweeps after to before
Dazzling as ever , spotless bride
Enduring , freed a nameless sigh

@ Aroop Mitra. 1990-2019.

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